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The Enterprise Project is a research and dissemination initiative of Dave Lash & Company to translate patterns of entrepreneurial success into practical concepts and techniques for starting and growing innovative enterprises, both large and small.

Highly successful entrepreneurs throughout history have followed four unexpected, but remarkably consistent and logical patterns. We call these practices the PLUS Patterns. They have been the heart of our strategy and innovation consulting for over five years. We also offer lively hour-long presentations and day-long workshops.

Our vision for this Web site is to build over time a free, public resource -- rigorously research-based and designed for easy access -- where anyone can learn the four patterns employed by great entrepreneurs from Andrew Carnegie to Bill Gates, from Walt Disney to Steven Spielberg, and from Clara Barton and the founding of the American Red Cross to Muhammad Yunus and the creation of microlending.

Each of these individuals, and thousands of others, started with modest means. At the outset, each lacked a grand idea. Very few wrote a business plan. Instead, they became masters of adaptation and metamorphosis:

  • Plussing their way from one near-term opportunity to the next;
  • Leveraging their skills and assets in increasingly sophisticated and uncommon ways;
  • Upstreaming their attention and actions on emerging needs and trends; and
  • Spanning disparate ideas and resources assembled through proactive cultivation.

Anyone can learn these techniques. For more information about advancing your enterprise, please visit www.davelash.com and contact Dave by phone or email.

The PLUS patterns are valuable tools for repairing, renewing, or reinventing an enterprise in the face of today's economic difficulties. For more, see Dave's blog www.recessioneering.com.

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